Anti Graffiti Coatings

Anti Graffiti Coatings

Our anti graffiti coatings are an in-expensive solution for areas that are repeatedly attacked with graffiti.
The benefits of our anti-graffiti coatings are numerous:

  1. Highly effective and allows for easy removal of graffiti
  2. Biodegradable and environmentally friendly
  3. Undetectable and invisible
  4. Cost effective.
  5. Protects from UV, acid rain, rust and mould.
  6. Long term solution: Lifespan of 4-5 years
  7. Can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces

Once we’ve applied the anti-graffiti coating, you can simply wash away any new graffiti with hot, soapy water. It can be applied to almost any surface and can even protect signage, plastic and vinyl stickers.

We offer both sacrificial and non-sacrificial coatings depending on your requirements.

  1. Sacrificial coatings – a coating that is removed easily along with the graffiti on top, but must be re-applied after each attack.
  2. Non-sacrificial coatings – a coating that is durable and allows you to remove graffiti easily, time and time again.

How does it work?

The anti-graffiti coating that we apply, has the same principles as Teflon on a pan. The protective shield does not allow the graffiti paint particles to bond to the surface underneath.

All the anti-graffiti coatings that we apply allow the substrate beneath to “breathe”. This is very important because without the ability to breathe the surface under could corrode and crack.

The process of applying an anti-graffiti coating is as important as the coat itself. The anti-graffiti coating must be applied very carefully. Preparation, cleanliness and the careful application with the experience and expertise of the applicator are key factors for the optimal functionality, performance and durability of the coating.

The anti-graffiti coating can be applied to brick, render, plastics, signs, billboards and basically any surface. If your property is often attacked by graffiti, then an anti-graffiti coating is the best and most inexpensive long term solution.

Speak to us today about our innovative graffiti deterrents!

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    McDonalds Rep, , McDonalds

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    Quest, , Quest

  • You have increased so much foot traffic into my shopfront

    Bikes Direct, , Bikes Direct

  • Good job guys. You removed the graffiti perfectly

    7/11, , 7/11

  • Thanks for doing a great job at a more than a reasonable price
    ocv logo

    OCV Management, , OCV Management

  • Very fast & reliable service, you couldn't even tell we had been graffited. Looked brand new!

    KFC, , KFC

  • Saw the article in the Melbourne Weekly Bayside and I applaud your work

    Michael Danby, , Melbourne Ports

  • I was pleased with the professionalism of your business, with the manner and work ethic of your employees and with the quality of work

    Anne, , Strathmore

  • We didn’t realize how filthy the pavement was until we had it pressure washed..

    Anonymous University, , VIC

  • You’ve let so much natural light into our shop that our products are now visible from the street

    Little, , Prahran