Everyone knows that walls and ceilings are the fundamental frameworks of our properties and Complete Property Maintenance can help you take care of them!

Cracks, holes and damage can occur regularly for a variety of reasons and need to be repaired as soon as possible! We have many different solutions, depending on your problem that can restore your property before it’s too late.

Often people don’t think about the plaster beneath the wallpaper or paint - and we repair it so you won’t have to!

We repair walls, ceilings and water damaged areas so the structure of your property is not compromised.

All of our plastering works are comprised of:

  • High quality work
  • Flexible service
  • Careful attention to detail
  • High quality materials
  • Quick response times
  • Highest standards
  • Affordability

We offer both commercial and domestic services and know that our clients will benefit from our extensive experience.

Our plastering is unnoticeable – the way it should be!

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  • We needed the graffiti to be fixed fast and thats what you did. Great job BTW

    McDonalds Rep, , McDonalds

  • It was a big job but you guys did it fast and quietly. It looks flawless"

    Quest, , Quest

  • You have increased so much foot traffic into my shopfront

    Bikes Direct, , Bikes Direct

  • Good job guys. You removed the graffiti perfectly

    7/11, , 7/11

  • Thanks for doing a great job at a more than a reasonable price
    ocv logo

    OCV Management, , OCV Management

  • Very fast & reliable service, you couldn't even tell we had been graffited. Looked brand new!

    KFC, , KFC

  • Saw the article in the Melbourne Weekly Bayside and I applaud your work

    Michael Danby, , Melbourne Ports

  • I was pleased with the professionalism of your business, with the manner and work ethic of your employees and with the quality of work

    Anne, , Strathmore

  • We didn’t realize how filthy the pavement was until we had it pressure washed..

    Anonymous University, , VIC

  • You’ve let so much natural light into our shop that our products are now visible from the street

    Little, , Prahran